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Our lives have been revolutionized by the advent of the Internet. The changes brought about by the “power of the network” also affect mobile devices. In fact, access to every aspect of everyday life encompasses every sector of technology, such as digital entertainment. This world includes social networks, video games, online casinos and of course video streaming.

The impact is shown by data from Comscore, which shows that the streaming sector is the sector with the most figures: just think of the boom of Netflix and Amazon Prime, for example, or the growth of You Tube Music, which grew by 133. %, and from Discord , at +129%.

The data shows the importance of the optimization via mobile, performed and pursued by many experts in the sector. This refers to the world of responsive mobile, i.e. the accessibility of websites from mobile navigation. A development that mainly benefits from gaming. This is the case, for example, for the Sony update for the release of Play Station 5 and for its PlayStation app, which allows you to share the game from mobile, or for the implementation of Apple Music.

The tendency to exploit the means of mobile navigation has also been understood by others, as evidenced by the proposal of Surface 3 Go, the refinement of Windows 11 that allows great versatility, both from tablet and mobile.

The non-AAMS online casino industry, which has been watching users slowly migrate from the physical to the online sector for some time now. Other gambling operators are also moving in this direction, for example Lottomatica, which allows you to download its app via QR code, and Sisal, which has created a new gambling application for both tablets and smartphones.

So we can confirm that the convenience of having a mobile phone in your hands and being always and always connected to the world of the Internet has been quickly read by the technological and economic sector. This is why the major entertainment leaders have decided to take the opportunity to create devices, platforms and applications that allow you to access your content with a simple click. And all without forgetting the security and transparency on the internet: the gambling world always tries to guarantee a safe and responsible gaming experience, both from desktop and mobile.

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