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Poker is now a very well known game and even those who have not practiced it have certainly heard of it several times. The goal of the player is to use the cards to reach a combination of points with a higher value than that of the opponents. Poker also requires cunning and ingenuity, as bluffing can be decisive in some situations. Today even robots are able to play poker, but the psychological component is not so easy to match. However, a deck of French cards is used in all versions of the game.

The meaning of poker cards

A common deck of cards to play has 13 cards for each of the 4 suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. There are 9 numbers ranging from 2 to 10 and 3 face cards such as the Jack, Queen and King, as well as the Ace, the highest value card of all. Finding cards in the natural numerical order is a big advantage for players who can aim for the royal flush. The meaning of poker cards lies not in the single units, but in their combinations. Some scores can also be made up of pairs of /o and tris of cards.

How many French poker cards are there?

How many French poker cards are there exactly? A normal deck of cards consists of 52 cards and there is no need to use jokers in poker. However, depending on the version you play, it is possible to use a smaller number of cards. For example, in Italian poker, a number equal to the number of players is removed from a base of 11 and the result corresponds to the value of the lowest card that will be used. Lower value cards must be set aside and are not played in that particular game. If there are 4, the lowest card is 7 and it is played without the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as the ace is not considered 1 and always remains in the pile to enable the royal flush. maximum. To play poker well you need to have some experience: just wander the web and read a guide to find out what daily spins are or the proposals of the different gaming platforms to learn that there is the possibility of playing some playful attractions on test your smartphone without risk. Professionals who participate in international tournaments have had thousands of hours of play.

How many straight 40 cards are there?

How many cards are there for straight 40 or other games? Are the rules the same as in poker? In fact, no. For the 40 straight you need two decks of 54 French cards, including the jokers. Up to 6 players can participate in a game and if there are 4 it is possible to form pairs. The dealer deals one card at a time from left to right until each player has received 13. At the end, a card is revealed that indicates the beginning of the “put” and must be different from the joker. The other cards, always face down, remain next to the “put” and form the “stock”. The cards received cannot be viewed by the different players until the dealer has completed all the preparatory actions.

How many buraco cards are there

In burraco, the game of French cards is used in its entirety. Not only the 52 regular cards, but also the jokers can contribute to the formation of the scores. Using a joker, it is possible to get a dirty “burraco” if it is connected to a set of 6 cards arranged in the normal numerical order. Even the 2, which is the “pinella”, can act as a joker, with the difference that if placed in a group of numbers of its own sequence, it can “clean up” a “dirty burraco” once the player has you all got missing cards to go to 2. In short, to understand how many burraco cards there are, you just have to look at the deck: each card can be essential to win a game.

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