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Many of the activities we do during the day are now executable online and that is why we are used to doing them comfortably from our mobile phone with a few simple clicks of the mouse, from banking to dealings with the government, from purchasing all kinds of items to communicating with your friends.

Even traditional games like the broom have now ‘landed’ online

However, it is suggestive to note how nowadays even gods have ‘landed’ online strong traditional gamesthink of card games like the famous one brooma real “must” especially for Italians who are not so young anymore.

Playing broom certainly remains a hobby practiced in classic mode, also because it is a real social occasion, but more and more people love to play directly on their mobile phone.

So how can you play broomstick on your smartphone?

Applications that allow you to play broomstick

As you can imagine, in the “mare magnum” of Android and iOS applications there is no shortage of apps for you to have fun in this timeless card game, so all you need to do is download them to dedicate yourself to the broom, both to pass the time and hone your skills .

The examples are many: is a well-known card game portal that pays particular attention to the broom, well aware that it has always been one of the most popular games, also because of its simplicity.

So a simple click is enough to always have an App on your mobile phone to play broomstick, but what are the different ways of use

Well, applications like this offer features that probably not everyone imagines.

What features do these apps offer?

The most classic game mode is the one that offers the opportunity to challenge friends or even unknown users in exciting matches onlinecompletely analogous to the classic match played face to face, but not only.

A very interesting option is the one where the player has to measure himself directly against the computer, so against a special simulator; this formula gives the option to create an option different difficulty levels and it can therefore be an optimal choice for those who want to train and increase their playing skills, perhaps to be more ready in live challenges with friends and relatives.

In addition, the best uses are multiple customization optionsso that the gaming experience is as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

This option is very useful for feeling ‘at home’ even in online games: the traditional cards used for the broom can in fact cause graphical differences with regard to local traditions

If the Neapolitan maps are a true icon throughout Italy, there are actually also variants related to certain areas, for example the Piacenza maps, or those of Treviso.

Finally, some customization options can also relate to the game features: in Italy, the broom is often “rejected” in specific variants, for example the Rebello or the Napola, and these are also included in the different variants available. †

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