Hope for the Pixel 6 in Italy? The packaging reveals an opportunity – Geekcomparison

The official presentation of the Google Pixel 6† Unfortunately for fans, there is no news about a possible marketing of the device in Italy. But a leaked detail on the network could at least open up hope for the future.

The first images of the Pixel 6 packaging started to circulate on the internet, on which the information about the content is clearly visible in several languages. Including, surprisingly, also the Italian.

This doesn’t mean the Pixel 6 will get to us right away; in addition, the wording is also stated in Spanish, and Spain is just another country where the launch is not planned. However, it is possible that the Italian language was included as a prediction of a hypothetical future launch† So there is no certainty, but there is no denial either.

It should be noted that the Pixel 4a packaging also writes in Italian and the aforementioned phone was never released on our market† That’s not to say it will happen for the new Pixel as well, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind. We’ll see if today’s Google conference will give us some more information.

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