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The 2020 iPhone SE
enlarge The 2020 iPhone SE.

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It doesn’t seem long since Apple announced a plethora of new iPhones, Apple Watches, and MacBook Pro computers, but we’re probably just a few months away from another product reveal event from the company.

The internet is running with wild speculation these days, so now seems like a good time to check in and set expectations at this stage.

Why a Spring Event?

Apple’s spring events in recent years have fallen on April 20, March 25, March 27, and March 21. And based on the company’s typical release/update cadence, several of Apple’s products are now available: high-end Mac mini models, the iPad Air, the iPhone SE, the Mac Pro, the larger iMac, and the iPad Pro .

Last spring, Apple introduced AirTags, the new M1-based 24-inch iMac, M1-based iPad Pro models, and a slightly revised Apple TV 4K on April 20.

Unlike other years, Apple didn’t have a spring 2020 event at all. The pandemic was ramping up and Apple hadn’t settled for its new, streaming-first approach to what was historically personal events. Nevertheless, Apple introduced updates to the MacBook Air and iPad in March of that year, a second-generation iPhone SE in April, and a 13-inch MacBook Pro update in May.

The internet is abuzz with the 2022 spring event, in part because, as has been common practice in recent years, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman blowing out predictions via Twitter, email and articles on the Bloomberg website.

The next iPhone SE

Contrary to some previous reports citing specific sources familiar with Apple’s plans, Gurman’s predictions for the spring event are just that: predictions, or very well-informed guesses. He claims an iPhone SE is almost certain and new iPads are likely, although his predictions of That iPads are more purely speculative.

Fortunately, we have more than Gurman’s premonitions. A few months ago, there were reliable reports of a 5G iPhone SE. Furthermore, Apple has several recent filings with the European Economic Commission that indicate that a number of new iPad models are on the way. But those signups aren’t always close to launch, and those products could be for later in the year rather than spring, or they could even be for products coming out in 2023. In other words, there’s not much to go on.

So yes, today’s discussions of the event are largely speculation.

But as for the iPhone SE, we’re probably looking at an A15 chip and 5G capabilities in a design similar to the current model, if a recent report in Nikkei is to be believed.

The iPad Air: probably. Other iPads: Maybe

The iPad Air is Apple’s flagship iPad in many ways, as the iPad Pro offers more than most people need, the iPad mini is specialized, and the basic iPad offers less than many people want. But the Air hasn’t been updated since late 2020, and the A14 chip is a bit behind everything but the basic iPad.

The iPad Pro is one year old, but it already has the latest screen technology and the fastest suitable processor. The Pro has taken over a year to renew, so don’t count on it for spring. However, if it gets updated, it will likely include Apple’s second-generation M2 processor, which is also expected to ship in a redesigned MacBook Air sometime this year. But that could easily happen in the fall instead of the spring.

The iPad, iPad mini, and Apple TV 4K are all relatively current, just like the regular AirPods. However, it has been a minute for the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

The Mac transition continues, maybe

Apple is still halfway through its overall overhaul of its Mac product line, replacing Intel chips with the company’s own custom-designed ARM-based silicon. The notable outliers there are the Mac mini (the low-end specs have the M1, but the high-end are still on Intel), the 27-inch iMac (which report after report has claimed it will be replaced by a 30-inch iMac). inch model with chips similar to recent MacBook Pro models), and the Mac Pro.

We think the Mac Pro probably won’t show up at WWDC until June, but a new high-end iMac and Mac mini are very strong candidates for a spring event.

Don’t get excited for Apple AR/VR just yet

If you were hoping to see Apple’s mixed reality goggles this early, you’ll almost certainly be disappointed. First of all, that device would be best suited for a reveal at Apple’s developer conference in June. That’s because the release would come alongside plenty of new toolkits and APIs, and it requires substantial developer support to succeed.

June has long been rumored for the launch of the glasses, but a recent report claimed that Apple has encountered some issues and that the device may be pushed back to late 2022 or even 2023 all the way.

The spring event is often about services

The spring event often focuses on Apple services such as Music, TV+, Fitness+, News+ and iCloud. We expect to see some new hardware in March or April, but don’t be surprised if services come first. Expect new TV+ series, music features, fitness+ workout categories and more, including an expanded feature set for Apple’s recently launched iCloud+.

Furthermore, we’ve been seeing hints in Apple’s software betas and elsewhere about a new, expanded smart home platform and operating system for about a year now. That seems like a better fit for WWDC, but you never know – keep an eye out.

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