Google Tensor processor specifications revealed – Geekcomparison

New information has still surfaced about the Pro version of the new Google Pixel 6 line. We already knew a large number of details about this model, but some information was still unclear. A big question mark, for example, were the details about the new Google Tensor chip. However, a certification on Geekbank has shed light on the new processor, making its features known.

The CPU configuration shows 3 core groups: the largest consisting of two cores with a frequency of 2.80 GHz, the medium with two cores of 2.25 GHz and finally the smaller with four cores with a frequency of 1.80 GHz. There are also probably two pairs of Cortex-A78 cpre and four Cortex-A5 cores.

As for the GPU, it will be the Mali-G78, also used in the Exynos 2100. Finally, the Pixel 6 Pro version we tested uses 12 GB of RAM. The chip doesn’t seem to score very highbut Google has already widely expressed its will to prioritize optimization over computational power. We’ll have to wait for the Pixel 6 to launch to find out what the new Tensor processor really has in store.

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