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A week ago, Google officially unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro which, despite previous denials, will arrive in Italy in early 2022† Today a post on the Google blog brings us new information, specifically about how the Tensor chip will contribute to the photographic experience.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the chipset can be combined with the improved camera to provide a never-before-seen experience. In fact, you can expect a Live HDR+ mode that is active in all shooting formats, even in 4K and 60 FPS† Thanks to Tensor, there are countless improvements in video processing and optimization.

Night vision is also improved: the rear camera of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro captures 2.5 times more light than the Pixel 5† The Pixel Pro’s 4x telephoto sensor uses an enhanced version of “High Resolution Zoom”, enabling digital zoom up to 20x.

In addition, the Real Tone function digitally corrects the skin tone to bring it as close to reality as possible. Machine Learning algorithms allow the software to learn how to manage all colors as they are used.

The “Face Unblur” feature allows Tensor to remove smudges from photos using a certain technique. When the sensor detects fast movements, two pictures were taken at the same time, one brighter but blurry and one darker and more defined† The two photos are then combined to get the best of both photos.

There are many other additional features such as: ultra-wide selfies, new effects and filters, and the ability to remove elements from the background of the photo† In short, this update is certainly the biggest ever as far as the Pixel camera is concerned.

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