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Google Maps has finally decided to support dark mode on Android 539 days after the official launch of Android 10. Google’s latest blog post states that the dark mode in Google Maps will “soon be extended to all Android users worldwide”, making the feature official after much public experimentation.

Google’s uneven rollout strategy makes it difficult to determine when a feature will officially “launch.” However, some users have had dark mode for a while due to various experiments and early rollouts. Google has been teasing a dark mode for Google Maps since October 2019, and in September 2020 some users hit experimental rollouts. Google Maps has also shown a dark colored map in navigation mode for a while, but that is not the same as an extensive dark mode for all UI elements.

If Google Maps follows Android’s best practices, the user interface should automatically switch to dark theme if your system settings have dark mode enabled. Google says you can also find a new “theme” section in Google Maps settings where you can manually change the feature. The Google Maps dark mode that has been floating around for a while is on a server-side switch. The code is already on your device, so there is no version we can point to that will enable dark mode; you just have to wait for Google to flag your account.

With Google Maps finally in dark mode, that should cover all of Google’s major apps. The Play Store, Gmail, Google Assistant, Chrome, Calendar, Drive, Photos, and YouTube all support dark mode.

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