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Feder Mobile, the new digital operator on the Vodafone network that debuted on July 15, efforts are already being made to launch new very interesting offers. The stated strengths are clarity, transparency and the absence of hidden costs. Let’s go see what the news is.

The first is a free option called sliding costs:† It started on September 5 and consists of the possibility, for all users, to switch monthly to the rate that suits them best for that period. This option is well summed up by the tagline “Change rates freely at no extra cost† It is particularly useful, for example when traveling or in any situation other than normal data traffic.

In addition, Feder Mobile has added a new rate for individuals, the so-called best offer, also active from September 5. It includes unlimited calls, 100 texts and 100 GB navigation for €8.99 per month† Of course it is included in the Sliding Cost option.

Another novelty for Feder Mobile is the ad campaign that started on September 5 on the Mediaset and Social networks, and will start on September 12 on Sky. Three different types of spots – 15”, 20” and 60”- for a total of 2500 places they are programmed on the Mediaset, Sky and DAZN networks. This massive media presence attests to the fact that: in just a few months this new operator has achieved considerable success.

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