Feder Mobile extends special offers indefinitely – Geekcomparison

Feder Mobile, the phone operator that debuted on July 15 this year, continues to offer truly unmissable offers. The current special rates are extended for an indefinite period of time.

On the occasion of the debut, Feder Mobile had made the Easy, Standard, Plus and High offers available† These actions would only last until the end of 2021, but the operator confirmed their continuation indefinitely.

Customers can then continue to enjoy of the Easy offer for €3.99, of the Standard offer for €5.99, of the Plus offer for €6.99, of the High offer for €7.99 and of the new Best offer from 100 GB to €8.99 per month.

The free Sliding Cost offer will also remain, allowing Feder Mobile users to switch to the most suitable rate each month at no additional cost. The new operator will therefore continue to offer offers clear, transparent and without hidden costs.

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