Facebook removes facial recognition – Geekcomparison

After the rebranding of the parent companyMark Zuckerberg’s social network is preparing for several changes. Indeed In the coming weeks, Facebook will completely disable the facial recognition feature.

Introduced over 10 years ago thanks to facial recognition Facebook has collected a database of more than a billion faces. Database that, after the bitter disputes affecting the company, will be completely erased.

The technology used was able to automatically identify faces in photos, giving the user the option to tag contacts automatically. Many security experts have repeatedly warned about potential privacy threats, and after the storm of accusations, Facebook (or rather, Meta) had to give up.

Jerome Pesenticvice president of Meta’s Artificial Intelligence section, comments on the news this way.

Every new technology brings benefits and concerns. We want to find the right balance between the two. At the moment we are closing the program because there are too many doubts about the use of this technology.

However, it seems that Meta’s intent is to reintroduce facial recognition once security is fine-tuned. But for now, the feature will be phased out in the coming weeks.

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