EU wants to impose USB Type C and will return to attack on Apple Geekcomparison

The European Union has been thinking about introducing universal charging connectivity to the market for electronic devices, especially smartphones with a well-defined standard for some time now. The aim of the European Union is clear: produce as little waste as possible.

We are thinking in particular of the USB Type-C which is already widespread by several manufacturers, which could therefore become a standard in all respects. However, according to a source close to Yahoo! Finance, the European Union is preparing for its masses with the aim of proposing from September a legal framework to allow the adoption of a mandatory universal standard.

Apple in sight

The exact details of the project are not yet known. However, it is worth remembering that for a long time the European Union wanted to entrust companies with the natural acceptance of a standard that would have independently imposed itself.

By imposing a legislative framework, Europe would then be left on the cutting edge. And how can we not think about Apple? Cupertino has always spoken out against such an initiative to protect its own Lightning door, arguing that standardization would destroy technological innovation.

It should also be remembered that Apple was the first to take the charger out of the boxes of its iPhones, both ecologically and economically.

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