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Emporia, a company specializing in the production of smartphones for seniors, today launched a tablet aimed at the over-50s audience. An “easy to use” device with an Android operating system but with a very intuitive interface, completely developed by the Austrian manufacturer.

emporiaTABLET – this is the name of the product – completes a range of products for seniors, including the smartphone top class Smart5† The user will find large control panels, a clear display and, last but not least, good value for money. In addition, emporia adds a functional and versatile accessory: a practical support useful for video calls and doubles as a charging station.


Demographic change, the loneliness of many elderly people, which has increased in recent months, the digital divide between young and old – these are the themes driving the innovations of the Austrian technology leader. Over-65s are discovering the new digital world: they want to read the news online, watch videos and edit photos. They use email and are involved in the WhatsApp family group. They’re on Facebook, discovering their next internet journey and happily doing their banking from home. The over-65s are young again and therefore need advanced devices.

Mauro Invernizzi, Chief Executive Officer of emporia Telecom Italia he claims: “Approximately 50 million over-65s in Europe do not have a tablet or smartphone. Our goal is to guide seniors on their digital literacy journey with products that are right for their needs, intuitive and easy to use. With this launch, we wanted to reinvent the tablet concept, making it synonymous with ease of use. †

The new tablet is the result of internal international research: the knowledge and feedback of thousands of participants in tests in Austria and many other countries (including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy) have been incorporated into the development of this new product, a device to capable of meeting the needs directly expressed by the final consumer.

Eveline Pupeter, CEO and founder of emporia TelecomContinue: “Ease of use, security and state-of-the-art technology – that’s what customers expect from emporia. And that’s what they get. †

Not just Wi-Fi; there is the LTE SIM card

80% of all tablets in the world are currently connected exclusively via a Wi-Fi network. emporia has instead chosen to enable this tablet on the LTE connection as well, for very specific reasons. The elderly often do not have WLAN at home or cannot connect to a WiFi network while on the road. The presence of a SIM card slot allows seniors using emporiaTABLET to connect from anywhere, also thanks to the 4G VoLTE technology that WhatsApp can use at any time.

emporiaTABLET: the technical features

emporiaTABLET has a 10.1-inch screenoperating system Android 115000 battery mAh and 4 GB RAM. In addition, thanks to the two 13 and 5 MP cameras, it is an excellent ally for video calls or taking photos.

The sales package includes a protective glass inside, a second support (one for wall mounting, one for the table), while among the additional accessories is a book cover with integrated keyboard. This keyboard automatically connects to the tablet and is also powered by it. Finally, the 100-page printed user manual is also included in the package.

Price and availability

emporiaTABLET will be available on the Italian market from early December at the suggested retail price of €299

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