Edge updates with new compatibility features with Microsoft 365 – Geekcomparison

Microsoft has announced several new features for the Edge search browser to make it even more compatible with Microsoft 365 cloud serviceThe goal is to provide registered users with a more fluid and “intelligent” work experience.

One of the first innovations is the automatic management of profiles of different applications. In particular, it will make the process smoother when, within a Microsoft application, you receive a link to another 365 application† For example, a link in Outlook that redirects to Teams. From now on, even in the presence of more than one account, Edge will automatically open the correct user profile, without having to enter a password every time.

The second novelty is called Link Condivisthe. It is simply a section in the Edge browser where all the links shared through the various 365 services are recorded. In addition, it will provide the context in which they were sent or received: for example, in the case of a link shared via Teams, the browser will show the relevant conversation.

The latest additional features relate to the browser’s home page, showing all the sites and documents most relevant to your work, and the arrival of Microsoft Editor, a writing tool that can automatically correct errors. Until now, it was only available as an extension, but Microsoft has announced plans to make it native.

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