Different Sounds for Dark Mode – Geekcomparison

Microsoft is experimenting with a rather curious feature for the Windows 11 operating system. The team is working to create the most coherent user experience possible, combining the visual and sound sectors. With this in mind, Windows 11 sounds will vary depending on the configuration used: in fact, if your device is in dark mode, the sounds become softer, lower, and less invasive.

“Just as we finalized the user interface visually, we also finalized the sound environment to smoothen the entire user experience”says Microsoft. Windows 11’s two modes have been refined to best support two different philosophies. The light one is for those who want to stay active, while the dark one is for those who want to stay focused. To compare the two acoustic modes, you can refer to: on this pagewith which you can hear in advance what the new sounds of the operating system will be.

Remember that Windows 11 will arrive from October 5. The operating system is gradually being released for all compatible devices, with a full support date planned for 2022.

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