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The new Microsoft Store runs on Windows 10.
enlarge The new Microsoft Store runs on Windows 10.

Andrew Cunningham

If you don’t want to (or can’t) run Windows 11 on your PC, the good news is that Microsoft will provide at least a few app updates for Windows 10 to keep it useful. One of those app updates is Windows 11’s revamped Microsoft Store, namely: now available for Windows 10 users in the Release Preview Insider channel

The new Microsoft Store isn’t dramatically different from the old one in its design, although a few of the changes are obvious improvements: viewing your app library and getting updates for the apps you’ve already installed is now done on the same screen. , which is useful. But the real reason to install it is its drastically improved app selection. Microsoft has relaxed the rules on the types of apps that can be submitted to and downloaded from the store, and apps like Zoom, Discord, the VLC Player, Adobe Reader, the LibreOffice suite, and even the Epic Games Store are all available for download. through the store. Once installed, the apps look and work in the same way as the standalone versions.

Not everything in the Windows 11 app store will reach Windows 10. The retail version of the Windows subsystem for Linux is not available in Windows 10, nor is the Amazon Appstore or the underlying Windows subsystem for Android. But for casual users, the vast selection of really useful apps can make setting up a new PC a little easier and help people avoid paying for third-party app client scammers who stepped in to fill the vacuum left behind. due to the absence of official apps.

The new Microsoft Store will be available to all Windows 10 users »soonAccording to Microsoft Store Principal Architect Rudy Huyn. Windows 10 21H2, the next operating system maintenance update, is also scheduled for next month (although running Windows 21H2 is not a requirement for running the new store app).

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