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Microsoft has officially announced Windows 11 as the successor to Windows 10 at a time when everyone was expecting a new feature update, and needless to say, this new OS includes several improvements in all key areas: from the user interface to Android features, apps and support.

The CEO Satya Nadella states that: Windows 11 is just the start of a revolution, anticipating much bigger news for the future. Obviously the details have not been provided, but it is quite clear that the house in Redmond wants to be a point of reference for any user.

“This is the first version of a new Windows era. We are building the next decade and beyond. And as I think about future chapters, I think of an analogy of a 19th-century philosopher who compared creators to objects in our solar system by talking about meteors that flash but disappear. Planets that have burned the longest, but whose energy is limited to their own orbit, and have compared them to stars that are constant and light their path,” Nadella said.

Nadella states that Windows 11 was developed from the start with one goal: allowing people to make “bigger than Windows” things.

“This is our ambition with Windows: to help other stars and entire constellations be born and thrive. I am incredibly proud of what Windows has accomplished and how it has promoted a lasting opportunity for others. And I can’t wait to see what will be created and how it will unlock opportunities for all people around the world”.

Windows 11 will launch in the fall and will be offered as a free upgrade for select Windows 10 devices.

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