Hacking group says it found encryption keys needed to unlock the PS5 [Updated] | GeekComparison

enlarge † Decoding the PS5 kernel doesn’t mean opening the hardware this way, but it still serves as a good visual metaphor for how the system is now “exposed.” Hackgroup Fail0verflow announced Sunday evening that it had obtained the encrypted “root keys” for the PlayStation 5, an important first step in any attempt to unlock … Read more

The latest Surface is a $250 laptop that’s making a splash with cheap Chromebooks | GeekComparison

enlarge † Microsoft Surface Laptop SE. Microsoft Microsoft’s next Surface device is the company’s latest and most direct attempt to compete with Chromebooks in schools. The $250 Surface Laptop SE is a low-end, 11.6-inch laptop made for easy browsing, document editing, and remote learning. The Surface Laptop SE runs on Windows 11 SE, a cloud-focused … Read more

Google sends anti-regulatory propaganda to small businesses using Google Maps | GeekComparison

enlarge † Let’s see, you’ve landed on my “Google Ads” space, and with three houses… that’s $1,400. Ron Amadeo / Hasbro Google is quietly enlisting the help of small businesses to protect its nearly $2 trillion company from antitrust rules. In response to bills from Congress, such as the Ending Platform Monopolies Act, which would … Read more

HP for some reason is taking printer troubleshooting into a mixed reality | GeekComparison

enlarge † HP claims that using the mixed reality service will ultimately save time. Whether a printer is out of ink or paper is jammed, troubleshooting the printer can be tricky. With the “metaverse” just a head-mounted display away, printer repair can be easier. At least that’s what HP claims with xRServices, a printer repair … Read more

Why the chip shortage continues to drag on… and beyond | GeekComparison

Bloomberg | Getty Images The semiconductor industry lives on the cutting edge of technological progress. So why can’t it produce enough chips to keep the world moving? Nearly two years after the pandemic-induced disruptions, a severe shortage of computer chips — the components at the heart of smartphones, laptops and countless other products — continues … Read more

DDR4 memory safeguards have been broken wide by new Rowhammer engineering | GeekComparison

enlarge † Two DDR4 DIMMs. Getty Images Rowhammer exploits that allow unauthorized attackers to modify or damage data stored on vulnerable memory chips are now possible on virtually all DDR4 modules, thanks to a new approach defense chip manufacturers have added to make their wares more resistant to such attacks. Rowhammer attacks work by accessing … Read more