NSA says Russian state hackers are using a VMware flaw to search networks | GeekComparison

Enlarge / This image was the profile banner of one of the accounts allegedly operated by the Internet Research Agency, the organization that ran social media “influence campaigns” in Russia, Germany, Ukraine and the US in 2009. A Russian troll The National Security Agency says Russian state hackers compromise multiple VMware systems with attacks that … Read more

Grand Theft GPU: $340,000 worth of RTX 3090s “fell off a truck” in China | GeekComparison

Enlarge / The GPU Grinch doesn’t care about your lists or whether you’ve been naughty or nice. Last week, thieves stole a large number of Nvidia-based RTX 3090 graphics cards from MSI’s factory in mainland China. The news comes from Twitter user @GoFlying8, who Posted what appears to be an official MSI internal document about … Read more

After battling it for years, Nest is going to work with Samsung’s SmartThings | GeekComparison

Google and Samsung want to work together on smart home compatibility. The two companies released dueling press releases today saying that Google Nest devices would work better with Samsung SmartThings, ending a war between the SmartThings community and Nest/Google/Alphabet that has been going on for years. Samsung says that “Google Nest devices, including thermostats, cameras … Read more

Cloudflare, Apple and others are backing a new way to make the internet more private | GeekComparison

For more than three decades, the main foundation of the Internet has posed privacy and security threats to the more than one billion people who use it every day. Now Cloudflare, Apple and the content delivery network Fastly have introduced a new way to solve that using a technique that prevents service providers and network … Read more

Premiere security firm FireEye says it was breached by nation-state hackers | GeekComparison

FireEye, a $3.5 billion company that helps customers respond to some of the world’s most sophisticated cyber-attacks, has itself been hacked, most likely by a well-endowed nation-state who made off with “red-team” attack tools used to break through the network defenses. The revelation, made in a press release posted Tuesday after the stock markets closed, … Read more

Wormable code execution error in Cisco Jabber has a severity score of 9.9 out of 10 | GeekComparison

Getty Images Cisco has patched its Jabber conferencing and messaging application against a critical vulnerability that allowed attackers to execute malicious code that would spread from computer to computer without requiring user intervention. Again. The vulnerability, first revealed in September, was the result of several flaws discovered by researchers at security firm Watchcom Security. First, … Read more