एक्ट्रेस रिया कुमारी मर्डर: आरोपी पति, उसका भाई प्रशिक्षित शूटर हैं

झारखंड में रहने वाली अभिनेत्री और यूट्यूबर रिया कुमारी की हत्या की जांच कर रही पश्चिम बंगाल पुलिस के अनुसार मृतक के पति प्रकाश कुमार और उनके छोटे भाई संदीप कुमार दोनों को गोली मारने का निर्देश मिला था। रिया की हत्या में उनकी कथित संलिप्तता के परिणामस्वरूप कुमार बंधुओं को वर्तमान में पुलिस द्वारा … Read more

TrueNAS R-series hyperconverged devices combine storage and computing power | GeekComparison

Enlarge / There’s a lot to unpack in this infographic, which serves as a fairly succinct description of what TrueNAS SCALE is and does – or will do, when fully completed. Storage vendor iXsystems today launched a new R-series hyperconverged infrastructure application for its TrueNAS product line and the first alpha release of TrueNAS SCALE, … Read more

Ad blockers installed 300,000 times are malicious and should be removed now | GeekComparison

Getty Images Adblocking extensions with more than 300,000 active users have been secretly uploading users’ browsing data and tampering with users’ social media accounts thanks to malware that the new owner introduced a few weeks ago, according to technical analysis and posts on Github. Cyril Gorlla Hugo Xu, developer of the Nano Adblocker and Nano … Read more

Trickbot, the rental botnet attacked by Microsoft, is doing everything it can to stay alive | GeekComparison

Operators of Trickbot — a rentable botnet that has infected more than 1 million devices since 2016 — are looking for new ways to stay afloat after Microsoft and a host of industry partners took concerted action last week to disrupt it. In an update published Tuesday, Microsoft Corporate VP for Security & Trust Tom … Read more

New Google Nest Hub experiment doesn’t use the spoken hotword “Hey Google” | GeekComparison

Here’s an interesting experiment Google is kicking off on its smart displays: voice input without a hotword. A video detailing the feature is on YouTube from Jan Boromeusz, a Nest Home hacker who has a proven track record of scoring early smart display features before they’re announced. Boromeusz’s Nest Hub Max is somehow in “Dogfood” … Read more

Solve coding challenges at the Runcode.ninja online competition, November 6-9 | GeekComparison

Enlarge / Shozoku and ninjato are encouraged but not strictly required to compete. RunCode The annual Runcode.ninja programming contest is back in its fourth year, starting Friday, November 6. RunCode is a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers who work in their spare time and focuses on providing educational opportunities for programmers and infosec people. The … Read more