Motorola 312 Labs is born, the new research group for the future – Geekcomparison

Motorola presents 312 Labs, a new group within the telephone company organization. The inauguration of this group was conducted with the company’s policy of bringing technology to market while providing maximum value to customers. 312 Labs will support Motorola in research and development, conducting design, conception and prototyping activities. The group will be tasked with … Read more

Logitech’s new mechanical keyboards are conservative in appearance and price | GeekComparison

enlarge † Logitech G413 SE mechanical keyboard. Logitech added two mechanical keyboards to its range on Monday. The boards ship in February and are part of the company’s PC gaming brand, but with their $70 starting price and classic, understated look, they’re also interesting candidates for someone looking for a productivity keyboard with mechanical switches. … Read more

Google Drops FLoC After Widespread Opposition, Turns Over “Topics API” Plan | GeekComparison

enlarge † Vivaldi’s image on FLoC. After widespread opposition from the rest of the internet, Google is putting an end to its “FLoC” plans. The company wants to get rid of the third-party web cookies used for ad tracking, so it proposed FLoC (“Federated Learning of Cohorts”), which would have allowed the browser to track … Read more

Nvidia RTX 3050 review: for an overpriced 1080p GPU, this could have been worse | GeekComparison

EVGA’s entry-level Nvidia RTX 3050, priced at $249. EVGA / Nvidia Same spread of DisplayPort and HDMI connectors found on other RTX-branded GPUs. EVGA / Nvidia No proprietary power consumption here, just a standard 8-pin connector. EVGA / Nvidia Until something changes, we assume the worst about the supply and demand curves of the current … Read more

Information on Bitcoin trends and the companies that have started using it – Geekcomparison

The Bitcoin betting follows the trends and fluctuations of the Cryptocurrency market which has been expanding in recent years. This financial sector is constantly evolving and every forecast has large margins for profit but also for error at the same time. The cryptocurrency market in 2021 The situation in 2021 has undergone significant changes and … Read more

Moto G Power 2022 is shown in a render – Geekcomparison

After being spotted on the Geekbench benchmark site, the new smartphone Motorola Moto G Power 2022 is shown in an unprecedented display. Motorola’s plans regarding high-end devices were already known by the leak Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, and today we learn what awaits us regarding smartphones of the most modest level. The Moto G Power … Read more