Apple patents a technology to control smartphones with the breath – Geekcomparison

Apple has just applied for a patent for a technology that is able to interpret users’ breath as input† This is a rather bizarre innovation, but the Cupertino giant seems interested in implementing it in the future.

The patent, accepted byUS Patent and Trademark Officedescribes a “breath detection system“, Able to monitor the pressure differences in the air. At the same time, a motion sensor checks whether the stimulus actually corresponds to a murmur and not to other external factors.

The technology is compatible with both iPhone and Apple Watch† It allows users to blast their devices to perform a series of actions. from turning on the screen to answering an incoming call. In the patent, Apple describes the usefulness of the system.

Portable electronic devices often require a first hand to set up or hold the device and a second hand to operate, give commands and operate its functionality. When a user cannot physically interact with an electronic command tool, their user experience is significantly degraded.

This detection of the breath is undoubtedly a very curious and interesting novelty, but it is not certain that it will arrive soon† At the very least, it is highly unlikely that it will be implemented in time for the arrival of Apple Watch Series 7 And iPhone 13: as always we will have to wait for any confirmations or denials.

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