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Apple’s M1 announcement wave on Tuesday included a serious surprise for Mac enthusiasts: a brand new Mac Mini model, starting at $699. Orders begin today, and Mac Minis will be available “next week.”

The small new desktop model comes with an 8-core M1 chip, which Apple says will deliver three times the CPU performance compared to the Mac Mini’s earlier quad-core base model. (How that compares to the last model’s upgrade option to a 6-core processor remains to be seen.) Apple representatives say it’s one-tenth the size of a comparable PC in its price range, while also ” five times faster” than the same PC in question. (What PC model or manufacturer are you talking about, Apple?)

All Mac Mini M1 models include Wi-Fi 6, GigaBit Ethernet, an HDMI 2.0 connection, two USB Type-A ports, and two ports that double as Thunderbolt and USB Type-C 4.0 connections. You’ll need the latter to max out the new Mac Mini’s maximum resolution threshold of “up to two displays, including Apple’s Pro Display XDR in full 6K resolution.” (Oh, and take a look at that: there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack for your favorite desktop speakers.)

The $699 base price of the model includes 256 GB of built-in SSD storage and 8 GB of memory. That price skyrockets when you upgrade to 16 GB of maximum memory (much smaller than the 64 GB maximum memory of the last generation) and 2 TB of maximum SSD storage: $1,699.

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