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Android 12 is going through the final stages of its development before its official release in the fall. Over the months, the latest version of the operating system developed by Google takes care of the part dedicated to small but new features.

With the latest version of XDA Developers, Android can improve accessibility by allowing you to: associate certain facial expressions with shortcutsjust like it already happens with gestures.

The advantage of this is that you no longer have to use your hands. At the moment, the number of facial expressions recognized is small: the camera can capture, for example, an open mouth or a smile, but let’s imagine this is an early version, other gestures can be added later.

You can also turn your head left, right, or up to trigger a particular action.

Here is the list of actions that can be associated with facial expressions:

  • Close the camera
  • Enable/Disable Auto Scan (Disabled)
  • Auto Reverse Scanning
  • Selecting
  • In connection
  • Last
  • Touch and hold
  • Scroll forward
  • Scroll back
  • backards
  • notifications
  • Quick Settings
  • Overview

You can also adjust the duration of the gesture and its size before it is recognized. For example, this can prevent an unwanted shortcut from triggering every time you smile.

If the application is already visible on Google Play, the latest version with facial expression recognition is not yet available. However, the XDA developers still managed to download an APK of the new update (available here) and install it on a device running Android 11.

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