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At today’s invite-only hardware event, Amazon unveiled the new Echo Show 15 smart display powered by the company’s next-generation “AI processor,” the AZ2 Neural Edge.

The upcoming Echo Show will have a 15.6-inch screen with a 1980×1080 resolution. Inside is the AZ2 Neural Edge CPU, which uses four cores and, according to Amazon, has 22 times more TOPS (trillions of operations per second) than the last-generation chip. The biggest difference between the AZ2 and AZ1 is the former’s ability to process machine learning-based speech models “significantly faster,” according to Amazon’s announcement. Computer vision (CV) algorithms can be processed on the device rather than in the cloud, allowing the Echo Show 15 to process features such as visual ID and speech processing with relatively less latency. And like the AZ1, the AZ2 can handle speech recognition and CV workloads simultaneously.

The Echo Show 15 can be mounted.
enlarge The Echo Show 15 can be mounted.


Amazon markets the Echo Show 15 as an all-in-one device for families with a lot on their plate. A new widget gallery lets you display things like sticky notes, calendar events, upcoming deliveries, and recipe ideas on the screen. With a smart home favorites widget, the Echo Show 15 can serve as a smart home hub, reminding you when you’ve left your smart light on or notifying you if someone is lurking in your smart security camera. backyard. Your Echo Buds, Tile trackers and other smart devices can also be monitored here. Taking it one step further, you can teach Alexa to recognize sounds, such as the beeping sound of an open fridge or your baby’s crying, so that it can send you an alert to monitor the situation.

For those times when it seems like you haven’t seen a family member in person in ages, the Echo Show 15 can also help forward messages. The Sticky Notes widgets let you leave notes for a specific person that only appear when Alexa recognizes that person’s face for its 5MP camera.

The Echo Show will launch sometime this year for $250.

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