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OPPO recently presented its new one Reno6 Series Smartphone Series medium-high models with a very rich technical park and with special attention to imaging (photos and videos).

In order to better tell how these products are born, the company has published a video, in which it is possible to understand how OPPO Reno6 and Reno6 Pro they are made and what is the scrupulous constructive care behind their realization.

The protagonists of the video are Arne Herkelmann, Head of Product Management OPPO EuropeAnd Tobias Scholz, Senior Aftersales Service Specialist OPPO Germany.

In the video you can also witness a real “dismantling” that allows you to see how the smartphone is made inside, the details with which the camera is assembled and many other internal components.

The clip offers a rare “inside” of the device and will allow anyone to understand how a mobile phone is made and the difficult balances that must be observed when assembling all the parts.

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