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The power that Huawei gives to the world is sometimes impressive. Within a few months, the Chinese giant was able to find new market spaces, extending the action spectrum well beyond the smartphone segment. The consideration arises spontaneously after trying the new one MatePad Pro 12.6, a powerful tablet bringing HarmonyOS to its debut, the new operating system that the Chinese giant released a few months ago. The surprise comes when you find software that is already mature and stable, often even more advanced than Android. The credit also goes to perfect integration of the Emuithe historic user interface of the Shenzhen-based manufacturer, which manages to breathe the air of home and appreciate the potential of the new platform.

A lot of force

MatePad Pro claims a front row seat among the best tablets on the market and puts a cutting edge technical data sheet on the board. The system is powered by the powerful Kirin 9000E processor which is flanked by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, which can be expanded by a further 256 GB using NM cards. It’s not just numbers, but a mix capable of responding remarkably to any user input. The display also shows top features, with a 12.6-inch diagonal, OLED technology and Full HD + resolution spread over a form factor in 16:10 (density is 240 ppi).

The acoustics department is also well taken care of, with eight speakers capable of delivering an immersive and very comfortable audio experience. The tablet also has two very useful accessories, such as the magnetic keyboardeffectively transforming it into an authentic PC, and the M-Pencila second-generation intelligent stylus that allows you to interact with the many functions of the device, as well as freehand drawing on the screen.

The performance of the camera is also decent: there are two sensors, the first with a standard 13 Megapixel focal length, the second ultra-wide angle, with an f/2.4 lens and a resolution of 8 Megapixel. The optics are perfect for everyday life and document capture. There is also an 8 Megapixel front camera, with which you can hold video conferences with good quality.

Also fine the battery, which has a capacity of 10,050 mAh and which uses a 40W fast charging system. In fact, the tablet can take a long day of stress or help you with more moderate use for several days.


Harmony operating system

As mentioned, the most juicy novelty is represented by: Harmony operating system, a versatile software platform that looks like Android but has a completely rewritten heart. Huawei has chosen to keep the Emui, a user interface known and appreciated by consumers, which has the advantage of providing an important “family feeling” with the past. The graphics are also familiar, as are the functions, which are accessible in an intuitive way. We were positively surprised to find a system that is already mature and with some features never seen even on Android machines: including this interactive widgets (just press it for a second to get information and select the main functions of the app), a thorough ability to customize the home page, but most importantly, the ability to deploy multiple devices for communication and collaboration, even if they are animated by different operating systems. For example, work on MatePad can be completed on a Huawei Windows PC or accessed simultaneously on multiple devices thanks to multi-screen collaboration.

In this regard, the Multi-screen collaboration between tablet and PC, it is divided into three different working modes. In Mirror mode, the PC screen is mirrored on the tablet screen; in extended mode users can get a second PC screen, creating more workspace. finally, the Collaboration Mode enables true cross-platform interactions between Harmony OS 2 and Windows, allowing users to transfer content such as text, images and documents between connected devices with a simple drag and drop.

As is now known, there are no Google services on the tablet, but you can arrange everything very easily via the browser, just like with a normal computer. Overall, the Huawei MatePad Pro convinced us in every detail and if a good morning starts in the morning, Harmony OS rightly promises to take its place in the connected device market.

The second generation M-Pencil

The stylus – available as an accessory – looks more modern and sophisticated. It connects to the tablet via Bluetooth (just place it on the top of the tablet in a special magnetic case to connect and charge it) and has a hexagonal unibody design that also offers an excellent grip similar to the traditional one. of a pencil. The nib is well designed, weighs only 16 grams and is 160 mm long, offering a comfortable grip and a pleasant writing experience. It supports 4,096 pressure levels, so you can write or draw with different intensity of stroke, and also use different tips. In fact, it is easy to draw, annotate but also work out more complex documents. In particular theNebo application allows you to create pages with files with different extensions and recognize and digitize the written text Nebo is a very well designed and integrated application in the tablet.

Multiplier App

The ability to work with multiple applications at once or use split screen in panoramic mode to host two different functions of the same app is also very useful.

our verdict

MatePad Pro is a powerful machine. Huawei managed to build an efficient and stable operating system in a short time and put it in a tablet with a technical top sheet and with very thick features. The tablet even wins our Award and represents a perfect meeting point between entertainment and productivity, with an extremely balanced mix of features.

We highly recommend that you also try the dedicated keyboard and M-Pencil, as they provide an even more satisfying user experience. The price – at 799 euros – is demanding but sufficient for the machine’s potential.

For more information: https://consumer.huawei.com/it/tablets/matepad-pro-12-6/

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