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huawei has long expressed its concept of a brand at 360 degrees in the technological world and this summer presented a monitor new line, with the launch of MateView and MateView GT. It is a response to a market demand that has increased the need of consumers not only for more generous screens to manage the various daily activities, but also for more advanced products that can communicate with other connected devices and with smartphones. in particular.

And the new MateView (which we’re dealing with in this review) goes exactly in this direction: a standalone wireless monitor capable of displaying awide range of smart functions

4K + screen

Huawei MateView is a professional monitor equipped with a 28.2 inch panel which supports a 4K+ resolution, which is 3,840 × 2,560 pixels, compared to the classic 4K resolution of 3,840×2,160.

The aspect ratio is 3: 2, the same as the MateBook, the company’s laptops. Provides a premium viewing experience, is professionally calibrated to faithfully reproduce every detail and supports 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamutand 100% of the sRGB color gamut.

MateView received the certifications TÜV Rheinland low blue lightand Flicker Free, which attest to its ability to not only effectively filter out eye-damaging light emissions, but also to reduce potential fatigue caused by screen flicker.

Design: the eye also wants its share

Inspired by the compositions of the famous painter Wassily Kandinsky and the concept of futurism, MateView abandons the traditional bulky back plates, typical of traditional monitors, and presents a geometric design by introducing an innovative magnetic back panel for a minimalistic yet rich detail display and guaranteeing a 94% screen-to-body ratio that guarantees an engaging visual experience for users.

The installation

The installation of Huawei MateView is simple and intuitive. Once the device is plugged in, you can use a wide variety of ports depending on the use you want to make of the monitor: the user has access to two USB Type-C portstwo USB A ports, one port HDMIa Mini DisplayPort it is a 3.5mm audio jack

Yes they can connect Mouse and keyboard as input and navigation peripherals for connected devices such as notebook computers and smartphones, to allow flexible switching from one device to another without having to reconnect all peripherals. The screen then has an on-screen menu that can be controlled with a touch and touch sensitive key below the bottom frame: tap once to select the choice, tap twice to return to the previous item. It’s a real smart bar that allows you to adjust the volume of the built-in speaker, the input source (Wi-Fi or cable), the brightness of the panel and much more.

MateView can also: height adjusted (110mm) and in the tendency from – 5 to +18 degrees by simply acting on its support. A very useful trick to manage the position of the monitor depending on its use, but also on the environment in which it is placed.

Aspect ratio 3: 2: the benefits

As mentioned, the aspect ratio of the monitor is 3:2. The aspect ratios are a bit squarer than the 16:9: a fact that, when crossed with the 4K+ resolution, translates into having more space in height. This simplifies web browsing and reading documents and ensures greater visual comfort for most activities performed on monitors. As more and more apps and websites expand their operation vertically, most monitor operations become easier.

However, the images are crystal clear: the level of density of 163 ppi allows you to get caustic and detailed images.

With your smartphone

Who has a smartphone? Huawei can mirror its screen to the large 28.2-inch screen, using wireless projection that works via NFC technology. Simply place the smartphone on the special base: you will hear a slight vibration and the mobile phone will go into projection mode. It’s also possible to project your PC screen onto the screen wirelessly, albeit at lower resolutions than the panel’s native resolution.

The color range

The wide color gamut of the monitor guarantees a high-quality reproduction of films and TV programs, photos, websites, with an excellent depth of detail. We have also used the MateView to great satisfaction for daily image retouching and video editing.

MateView is also equipped with: two speakers of 5W eacha 135W USB Type-C power adapter and integrates two microphonesthat support noise reduction algorithms and allow sound to be collected from sources up to about four meters away (so ideal for conference calls).

The purchase promo

Huawei MateView is available in stores at a price of 699 euros. In the Huawei store, to this addressyou can buy the product at 599 eurostherefore with a special discount of 100 euros, received in I pay tribute to the keyboarda coupon of 50 euros if you register a Huawei ID, while with the addition of 50 euros you can also put a Huawei Sound speaker in your pocket.

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