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The family Amazon Echo Show is growing thanks to the arrival of the Echo Show 15 model, a device that, due to its shapes and methods of use, is a candidate to become the nerve center of the house. It offers a 15.6-inch screen, with a resolution of 1080p Full HD and, crucially, can be mounted on the wall (just like a painting) or placed on a shelf in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Echo Show 15 is animated by the Amazon AZ2 processor Neural Edge, presents a Home screen redesigned with more customization options thanks to a new gallery of widgets that update in real time and new features based on the visual ID.

Alexa recognizes you

Echo Show 15 is equipped with the visual ID functionality: it means Alexa can recognize who is in front of it and personalize the information the device returns. Just turn on the visual ID, walk in front of the Echo Show 15 and Alexa will recognize us by automatically updating and showing us a personal greeting, reminders, calendar events, recently played music, or notes from other members of the house. Each image used to create the visual ID profile is encrypted and stored on the device. The visual ID profile can be removed at any time.


Widgets are the protagonists of the Echo Show 15 display: they allow you to control the various connected devices scattered around the house, exploit the mode photo in photo to watch your favorite TV series while keeping an eye on the front door, leave a note about dinner time for other family members or some other reminder.

Plus, Visual ID lets you send a note directly to a specific family member, only visible when Alexa recognizes it in front of the device.

Video calls and TV

The calling of Echo Show 15, the possibility to be hung in the kitchen or in the living room, together with the large 15.6-inch screen, allows users to easily connect two services: that of video calling, with the contribution of the 5 Megapixel front camera and that of TV that allows you to watch your favorite streams at 1080p.

the processor

Echo Show 15 is equipped with the next generation processor Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge and the machine learning inference engine. The AZ2 architecture was custom designed by Amazon to enable computer vision algorithms, which once required the power of the cloud to be handled entirely on the device. This means that the Echo Show 15 can recognize a person who has previously activated visual ID by processing their image directly on the device.

With Echo Show 15, privacy is guaranteed

The Echo Show 15 is designed with several privacy protection elements, including controls to mute the microphones and camera, the integrated camera cover, and the ability to view and delete voice recordings. Along with the unveiling of the new Echo Show 15, we’re announcing new privacy settings, controls, and several customer enhancements today. Starting early next year, customers will be able to see the requests associated with a specific family member who has Voice ID set up in the Alexa app or on the Alexa privacy settings page (www.amazon.it/privacy settingsalexa). This gives all family members control over the management of the history of their speech interactions.

Prices and availability

The Echo Show 15 will be available for $249.99 and customers can sign up right now to be notified when the device is available. For more information, visit: www.amazon.com/EchoShow15. Support feet and accessories for wall mounting are sold separately.

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